Just as the financial negotiations were going on, someone came to him with the news that a large warehouse just next door had come up for sale. He straightaway rang up the owner of the property and, with the authority of the Bank, the purchase was negotiated and confirmed.

The new property was acquired and the existing warehouse was to be vacated by the following Sunday, which was within four days, otherwise a full month’s rent had to be paid. Mr Vadgama arranged with a specialist firm to move three machines weighing 7 tons, 5 tons and 3 tons to the new premises, next door.

On Saturday, the manager of that firm called and said, “Sorry, we cannot do the job as the equipment required to lift such heavy machines is out of order!” Mr Vadgama tried calling various other haulage firms to make the move possible but to no avail! And at last, feeling very dejected, he started praying to God to solve this problem.

Early on Sunday morning, he was at the warehouse when a man of short stature approached him and said, “Do you require someone to move your machines?” Mr Vadgama was surprised and asked, “Who
told you that?” He said, “I can do that work.” Mr Vadgama asked him, “Where is your lifting equipment?” The man said, “It is outside. Tell me where the machines are to be shifted to and the exact location
to place them.”

Mr Vadgama replied, “Please take the machines to the premises next door from the outside and I will come through the door between both
warehouses and help you.”

Mr Vadgama was astonished to see this man take the 7-ton machine on the hoist. Wheeling it through the front entrance, the man said, “I know you are not sure where to position this machine. I will show you just the right spot!” And he took it to one corner and said, “This is the best place, now let me bring the other machines.”

The other two machines were shifted within half an hour and Mr Vadgama, with great satisfaction and happiness, inquired, “How much will you charge me for your labor?” The man answered, “You can give whatever you feel is right!”

Mr Vadgama had £70 cash in his pocket and said, “I have only £70 cash on me. I can pay the rest by cheque if that is OK with you?” The man replied in a strange manner, “This amount is enough for me.” Mr Vadgama said, “Are you sure?” He replied, “Yes, sir!”

When Mr Vadgama put his hand in another pocket, he found a £5 note and said, “Here, have a drink with this!”

The man took the money and quickly left. When Mr Vadgama saw that the man had forgotten a wheel and tyre, he asked his son Niraj to call him back. When Niraj came out, there was no one there! He said to his father, “How can the man with all his lifting equipment disappear so quickly? This is surely a miracle!” Both father and son ran up to the main road to see if they could spot him, but there was no one.

Straightaway Mr Vadgama called us and narrated the story. We all knew that the man could not be anybody else but Our Beloved Lord Sai! And He did the job of at least two hours in just 40 minutes! Mr Vadgama’s wife felt sorry that she did not offer the ‘man’ a cup of tea or coffee! The wheel and tyre were left as a souvenir! This story spread among devotees throughout the U.K.

Beloved Swami says: My miracles are part of the unlimited power of God and are in no sense the product of yogic powers, which are acquired. They are natural and unconstrained. There are no invisible beings helping Me. My divine power brings the objects in a moment. I am everywhere. Besides being spontaneous tokens of My love, My so-called miracles are to plant the seed of faith in the minds of unbelievers, and to foster humanity and veneration towards a Higher Power.

Mr Vadgama’s faith increased and he approached Sai devotees to organize the spiritual sadhana of laksharchana at the warehouse before commencement of business. The day before the programme, devotees brought two large photos of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba and placed them on the table where the altar was to be set up the next day.
In the morning, when Mr Vadgama went to the warehouse and saw the photos, he said to himself, “These photos are so dusty, why didn’t these people clean them before bringing them in?” He went to fetch a cloth and was about to clean the photos when someone entered and said, “Please don’t do that. This is Bhagavan’s Grace. He is showering vibhuti for the devotees!” Mr Vadgama then asked, “Who is this old man?” Everything was explained to him about Shirdi Sai Baba.

Five hundred people attended the laksharchana. An announcement was made, “We are very fortunate to have doctor [Gadhia] with us to perform this great spiritual sadhana, because he is flying to California, America, tomorrow.”

Having explained everything, we started the laksharchana and Beloved Swami proved His omnipresence — i.e. vibhuti started falling from the large photos continually throughout the chanting of the mantra Aum Sri Sathya Sai Krishnaya Namaha. This phenomenon, which confirmed the greatness of Beloved Swami and His message, was seen by all the devotees.

On another occasion of laksharchana, rose flower petals were seen falling from a rose garland draped over a large photo of Beloved Swami. Everyone present observed the phenomenon and news of this was conveyed to the devotees in the U.K.

Among the devotees at Mr Vadgama’s warehouse were Hirabhai and Chandanben from Pensacola, USA, who were introduced to me by my sister. After witnessing this event, they requested me to perform laksharchana at their residence during our visit to America. My sister Hansa included Pensacola in our programme and Beloved Swami blessed the event by cracking a coconut placed on the altar.

Mr Vadgama goes to India to meet Baba

Mr Vadgama’s faith increased and he went to Prasanthi Nilayam. He did not know anything about the rules of the ashram. Beloved Swami did not look at him for a week and he murmured to a devotee sitting next to him, “What type of God is He? He does not even look at us!” The person on the other side said, “This gentleman [pointing to Someone] is from Australia and has been sitting here for over a month without Swami’s physical attention!”

Mr Vadgama was disappointed and decided to leave the next day and return to the U.K. Before leaving, he heard that Baba had also departed from Prasanthi Nilayam for Whitefield, near Bangalore. He thought in his mind, “Now there is no need to worry, I can leave for the U.K.”

On the way to Bangalore, the taxi driver tried to reassure Mr Vadgama by saying, “Do not lose heart. Baba meets devotees in Whitefield and He will surely physically acknowledge your presence there.” But Mr Vadgama was not interested. He asked the driver to take him to a good hotel in Bangalore for a complete rest, and the next day he would go to the airport for the 1.00 p.m. flight to Bombay.

The driver said, “Instead of taking a hotel in Bangalore, let me take you directly to Swami ’s ashram in Whitefield where Baba gives His darshan and blessings to devotees.” The taxi driver was a good man and said, “Please do not get disappointed. I give you my guarantee that I will take you to the airport in time, but please go for darshan at 9.00 a.m. and maybe you will get a chance to speak to Swami.”

Mr Vadgama agreed. In Whitefield, he waited for Baba who passed by but did not look at him. He then went to the taxi driver and said, “He still does not look at me!”

The next day Mr Vadgama was sitting with thousands of devotees. Beloved Swami passed by his side but once again did not give him eye contact. As soon as Swami walked a few steps ahead, Mr Vadgama could no longer keep quiet and, breaking all discipline, almost shouted, “Swami, I have brought a letter from Dr Gadhia!” Baba stopped, turned towards him, and said: Accha — is it so? He came closer and took the letters from him. Mr Vadgama said, “Swami, I want an interview!” Baba replied; After two years – and walked away!

The person seated by the side of Mr Vadgama said, “You should not ask for an interview. Swami knows whom to give and when to give an interview.” Mr Vadgama once again spoke loudly, “What does He know?”

Beloved Baba heard him, walked back and said these most important words: Swami knows everything! Your machines were moved by Swami but He did not take any money. The money that was given is kept in the machine, between two logs of wood. Go and confirm it! Mr Vadgama was shocked and in tears. The person next to him asked, “Now, what is the matter?” He said, “It is between Baba and me!”

From the ashram in Whitefield, Mr Vadgama went straight to the airport and flew to Bombay. He telephoned his daughter Sangeeta in London and told her what Swami had said. She told the whole story to Bhanubhai Patel and Gordhanbhai Patel, who came with a video camera to the warehouse. They asked Sangeeta to open the machine that was mentioned by Swami and, wonder of wonders, they found notes totaling £75 (the amount given to the man who shifted the machines), covered in vibhuti, between two logs of wood.

After an hour, Mr Vadgama was contacted in Bombay and everything was reported to him. He was still not very satisfied. Back in London, on seeing the notes, he knew that they were the ones he had given to the man because of oil stains on them — at the time of giving the money, his hands were covered in oil! Now he was in tears because he realized it was Baba (God) who had visited him and done the difficult job of shifting!

As promised by Beloved Swami, after two years there was a message from Baba to Mr Vadgama to visit Prasanthi Nilayam as soon as possible! Within three days Mr Vadgama arrived in Bangalore airport and was surprised to see someone holding a board with his name. This person said, “Swami has sent me to receive you and take you to Prasanthi Nilayam as His guest. Tomorrow morning you will have coffee with Swami!” Tears welled up in Mr Vadgama’s eyes and his joy knew no bounds.

That night, through excitement, he could not sleep. In the morning he was taken to Beloved Swami. At breakfast, Baba said: You have to do a lot of service in future! At present, there are there warehouses with three plants for manufacturing, destroying, and recycling in Bangalore. All dishes used during celebrations at all festivals are made there. To the devotees sitting close by, Swami said: This Vadgama was washing utensils during Shirdi Baba’s time. Now he is manufacturing dishes, and in the next birth he will be the storekeeper of Prema Sai!

What a revelation! Mr Vadgama, in his excitement, said, “I will be with Gadhia in my next birth, so we are brothers in this life!”


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